Accommodation and Facilities


During the courses students get a chance to experience a permaculture garden more intimately by camping on the land. In a semi-wild area, we have created level terraces among the trees, mushrooms and stones for people to pitch their tents out of view from the rest of the garden.

There is also the possibility for some students with their own bus/camper-van to stay on the land, although space is limited; so if you are interested in bringing a bus, please get in touch and we’ll do our best to accommodate everyone!

Students should arrive at least a day before the course starts to have time to arrive, put up their tent and settle in. If you would like to arrive even earlier and spend a couple of days relaxing and exploring the area, the hills and beaches nearby, that is also possible – just get in touch and let us know! We invite voluntary donations for extra time on the land, as a contribution to the facilities (we have gas in the kitchen for cooking, oil etc, and we also bring spring water to the land for drinking).

Nature’s bathroom

There are fully functional and sheltered compost toilets on the land, so you can experience what it is like to give back to nature in the form of nutritious manure! and also solar heated showers and other washing spaces.


From the outdoor communal kitchen, we provide 3 meals per day, breakfast, lunch and dinner included in the cost of the course (except Sundays when the students are free to feed themselves!)

Prepared with love, the food is always diverse, fresh, healthy, homemade and vegetarian. If you want to buy extra food or snacks, you can find tasty local cheeses, olives, fish or chorizo in Almoçageme – there are a number of small stores, as well as a market in the center of the village on Thursdays and another, bigger market at the edge of the village on Saturdays and Sundays.

We source almost all our produce locally – much of it is grown in the surrounding region, but we also aim increase production of food on Terra Alta. and we try to source as much ecological/bio or organic as possible.


At the moment we have a solar panel, which supplies us with some electricity – especially on sunny days! However, the availability is limited of course, so we have to manage usage collectively, and we also invite students to “unplug” for a while, which can also have some nice calming side affects… If some device needs to be charged, you will usually be able to do it in the kitchen.


Its possible to use the Internet with our Mobile Broadband connection – a little USB stick; if someone wants to surf for a while they just need to ask and we can try to arrange it. Otherwise, for those people with laptops it is possible to use wifi for free at the cafe by the beach; there is also a cafe in Almoçageme with some computers and wifi, but it costs about 2 euro per hour (both are about a 30 minute walk away).


We have a washboard and laundry lines on the land. If you want to use a machine, we can direct you to the closet laundrette in Almoçageme – about 30 minutes walk.

One thought on “Accommodation and Facilities

  1. Hi there can you tell me when the next upcoming permaculture courses are? I won’t make the August one, but would love to do this course, it looks amazing! Do you get a certificate after you finish? I was going to do one in Ireland in the Eco Villiage, but decided to go to Terra Alta, also my husband is interested in learning how to build natural homes, do you know of any place near you that has courses on that? So we could go together! Much thanks


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