About us

Terra Alta is

a land and forest garden, nestled in a green valley among the hills of Sintra, Portugal, close to the Atlantic Ocean – a school of ecological design and sustainable living skills, blending the teachings of permaculture, natural building, and those of many other traditions, from anthroposophy to indigenous knowledge. – a group of people, a family and international community – educators, gardeners, musicians, craftspeople, friends, organisers, helping hands, diggers and dreamers – sharing a commitment to ecological regeneration, and an intention to manifest this through the development of healthy social relations, and the co-creation of a permanent culture – including music, art, food, health, celebration, love, shamanism and spirituality. We live “Principle Zero” at Terra Alta, which means “All is Go(o)d” – a simple philosophy based on intention with love, and turning problems into solutions!

Our Mission

As a nursery for permanent human culture that can flourish in harmony with nature, we bring together the practical aspects of Permaculture Design education with the development of healthy social relations and individual well-being, nourished by good food, music, art, celebration and Love for Life!

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