Terra Alta is

– a land and forest garden, nestled in a green valley among the hills of
Sintra, Portugal, close to the Atlantic Ocean, a simple and complex landscape of cork oak, old and new fruit and nut trees, polyculture food gardens, innovative earthworks, fireflies, sunshine and starlight. 

– a school of ecological design and sustainable living skills, blending the teachings of permaculture , natural building, and those of many other traditions, from anthroposophy to indigenous knowledge.

– a group of people, a family and international community – educators, gardeners, musicians, craftspeople, friends, organisers,
helping hands, diggers and dreamers – sharing a commitment to ecological regeneration, and an intention to manifest this through the development of healthy social relations, and the co-creation of a permanent culture – including music, art, food, health, celebration, love, shamanism and spirituality. We live “Principle Zero” at Terra Alta, which means “All is Good” – a simple philosophy based on intention with love, and turning problems into solutions!

2015 Courses

April 27th- May 17th: Three week PDC with TreeYo Permaculture

Permaculture – Be the change!! Our Video recap of the 2013 PDC that shows the ambiance of our PDC’s